Road to unknown

The following list is roughly in implementation order. All the tasks should be considered in maybe state as their implementation depends on the interest a specific feature (and, more in general, the whole gtk2panel project) will raise.

  • Remove libglade dependency and use GtkBuilder instead.
  • Subclass GtkWidget (or derived objects) instead of using the deprecated custom widget present in libglade. This will also allow to have active widgets directly embedded in glade-3, giving a quite realistic preview. Furthermore, properly implemented widgets can be easily customized in glade-3 by changing their properties.
  • Add a widget to manage basic mpd operation, providing at least basic music player functionality (backward, forward, play, stop, pause).
  • Move the system dependent logic from libgpwidgets to libgpsystem, making the latter library pick up the proper implementation in configure time. The idea behind this approach is to support any platform that is worth to, while keeping the gtk2panel as light as possible. Actually, the provided widgets hardcode a (quite naive) Linux implementation.
  • Use libgpsystem from libgpwidgets, avoiding to distribute it.

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